A Presidency Built on Imagination

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Senator Ted Cruz from Texas was the first to announce that he would run for president in 2016, but he was not the first to imagine the beliefs on which he thinks this nation should be built. His presidential announcement at Liberty University emphasizes the re-ignition of “the promise of America” – that is, the reinstatement of the Constitution of the United States and above all, liberty – founded in 1776. His opening stories of his mother and father feature the hardships overcome through faith while his own story of managing two jobs and $100,000 in student loans for college highlights the all-too-common struggle in obtaining the American dream. Cruz repeatedly asks those in the audience to “imagine” different times and struggles in hopes of positioning himself as a legitimate candidate who would give the right wing republicans the country they desire.

Senator Cruz’s speech built on imagination engages the young, conservative crowd by constantly asking them to imagine a presidency. Cruz targets points of concern to college students at Liberty University such as a flat tax rate, a promise of multiple job offers after college, and a federal government which upheld first and second amendment rights and sought to end radical Islamic terrorism. His constant use of the phrase “Imagine a presidency where…” keeps his speech cohesive and purposeful; however, his constant reference to God and other conservative Christian issues could be a turn-off to the larger population of voters.

Senator Ted Cruz can orchestrate a speech worth while to a specific audience, such as the students of Liberty University, but such specific ideas and stances on global issues are sure to limit his popularity and votes. Personally, I found his presidential announcement to be well planned and spoken, but too focused towards only one voting group. His goal to “re-ignite the Constitution of the United States” and it’s sole belief system sounds appealing, but I feel that it can easily be used to distract viewers from his strong, right wing conservative views. Whether or not Senator Cruz can turn his imaginative presidency into a reality now rests in the hands of voters.


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